Practice Highlights

In her current practice, Dr. Brillman does not contract with third parties such as HMOs or PPOs in an effort to provide medical services without the restrictions they set forth. Although the concierge model of practice has been established for some time in general medicine, Dr. Brillman has recognized the need for this type of comprehensive and continuous care in the movement disorders arena. She has long realized the nuances of the disease cannot be explored nor explained in a twenty-minute office visit every few months. As a result, Dr. Brillman is among the first to offer concierge services for neurodegenerative conditions in the Bay Area. With the vast symptomatic treatments that have been developed over the past decade, her knowledge of current and future clinical trials, combined with her compassion and desire to educate, time with her patients and their families is the key element needed to enhance the quality of daily life for her patients. She is excited to have the opportunity to provide exceptional care with easy, direct access to herself.

There is no need for referrals, nor must one have to wait for weeks or months for an initial evaluation. Office visits are no longer rushed, nor does one have to wait hours in a waiting room. When medically appropriate, follow ups can be done easily by phone or email without the need for an office visit. Dr. Brillman offers coordinated care with other providers, as well as with the family, caretakers and when applicable to the Assisted Living or Skilled nursing facility. In addition to providing full access to your doctor, she offers home visits if desired as well. There are no surprise bills, as patients are given upfront fees prior to the time of service.